24th August 2017

Can You Progress Whilst Working Via Construction Recruitment Agencies?

progress whilst working via recruitment agencies

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Freelancing through an agency can be an excellent way to kick start your career.

We've spoken to 3 people who have progressed whilst working through Sphere Solutions as freelance construction workers to see how working through an agency has helped them progress.

Aaron (Skilled Labourer to Foreman in 10 Months)

Aaron started working through Sphere for a main contractor 10 months ago as a skilled labourer.

After 3 weeks of hard work, he mentored a few new labourers. Before he knew it, he was managing 14/15 labourers, so he approached the employer asking for training. The employer paid for him to go on the SSSTS course and do the 3 day first aid course. He has also received his hoist ticket, banksman ticket and several industry qualifications.

Now, 10 months after starting his initial contract, he has received a £5 per hour pay rise and is being considered for a permanent General Foreman role via Sphere. Aaron has been invited to management seminars, been offered more training, and aspires to become a Junior Project Manager in the foreseeable future.

Anthony (Handyman to Site Manager in 4 Years) 

After starting his career as a labourer in 2012, Anthony registered with Sphere Solutions in 2013 as a handyman. After a year of working as a handyman, he started working as a Finishing Foreman. He obtained his SMSTS and First Aid qualifications after being encouraged by connections he had made through his work, and was put forward for the role of Site Manager by Sphere.

Anthony says that the jobs found for him by Sphere have always been appropriate to his skill set, but still provide their own challenge in different ways. He attributes his career progression to the fact that each role offered has been relevant to his experience whilst also accommodating his need for opportunity, an expectation that he made clear to Sphere from the beginning.

The only role he has ever had to settle on pay for was the one which helped him learn the most, which he described as 'tuition fees'. He has worked for various different sized contractors, but learnt the most from a mid-sized one.

Scott (Labourer to Site Manager in 2 Years)

Scott started working through Sphere as a Labourer 2 years ago whilst completing his postgraduate university course in Human Resource Management. After working for several main contractors and finishing his degree, he decided to go on some courses to kick start his progression.

2 years on, he is still working through Sphere, but is now a Site Manager for a main contractor.  He is also doing his NVQ in Construction Management and with his learning and on-the-job experience combined, aims to continually progress further within the construction industry.


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Written by Taylor