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Articulated Dumper Driver


£14 – £21 per hour (Depending on location and level of experience)

40+ hours per week (with the opportunity to do overtime if the project allows)


An Articulated Dumper Driver is required to fully operate, transport and dump materials such as sand, gravel, crushed rock or coal into and around the site.

Client / Project

Your client could be anything from commercial, residential, rail, road and engineering backgrounds.


* Drives truck to destination.

* Pulls levers or turns crank to tilt body and dump contents.

* Inspects truck equipment and supplies such as tyres, lights, brakes, fuel, oil, and water and performs pre and post trip inspections.

* Responsible for the condition of their vehicle. For example, keeping truck clean and in good working order.

* Inspects material to ensure it has been loaded correctly and reviews shipping documents to verify all information is accurate.

* Carry out regular health and safety checks

About the Candidate

* Previous experience of dump truck operation

* Must be able to communicate well with the team to ensure correct procedures are being carried out

* Must have a good level of awareness on site

* Must have a good work ethic and maintain an excellent level of professionalism at all times

* Must be dependable and able to follow instructions to the finest details

* Must be able to provide at least two references to demonstrate the quality of your work and suitability for the position

Skills and Qualifications


CPCS is essential to this role in order to be fully compliant in operating the vehicle and entering the site


* Opportunity to expand your skillset with on the job training

* Opportunity to work on a prestigious projects

* You may receive the opportunity to earn more with overtime

* Company expenses paid

* Opportunity to progress on other projects

* Great rate for freelancers

Help for Candidates

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Interview Questions and Tips

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