Whilst on assignment through Sphere Solutions, workers may be eligible to be paid by the following methods:

  • PAYE direct via Sphere
  • Own Ltd Company
  • Own Ltd Company under CIS
  • Umbrella PAYE
  • CIS via Umbrella

PAYE Direct via Sphere

We can pay you as an employee through Sphere through the PAYE route. Using this option, you will receive holiday pay.

Using Your Own Limited Company

When you use your own Limited Company, you will be paid directly by Sphere to the company. Those wishing to use their own Limited Company must be able meet the following criteria prior to starting your assignment and:

  • The worker must be a named Director of the Limited Company
  • Be able to provide a valid and active company registration number via a Certificate of Incorporation
  • Hold Public Liability (£5m) and Professional Indemnity (£500,000) insurances and where applicable, Employer’s Liability insurance (£5m).  You must be able to supply evidence of these insurances
  • Provide a valid VAT Certificate for those companies registered for Value Added Tax
  • Agree to our Contract for Services for Limited Companies
  • Provide proof of a valid business bank account in the company name – payments to personal bank accounts will not be made under any circumstances

Payment via an Umbrella (Composite) Company

Sphere Solutions can pay workers through one of the approved umbrella company’s we work with via a PAYE route. There is a small weekly administration fee payable to the umbrella company for this option to this and you have to pay employer’s and employee’s national insurance.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The Construction Industry Scheme may be available to worker’s who aren’t under direct supervision. This scheme means that you pay a flat rate of 20% tax on your gross pay. For more information, please visit gov.uk.