24th July 2019


New plans to build an apartment block with 194 homes close to the centre of Cardiff have been submitted for consideration.

The development follows on from a previous application which was given planning permission in March 2018.

While both applications cover 25 storeys, the new proposal increases the number of apartments by 54, up from 140.

According to developer UrbanCentric, the scheme planned for Curran Road near Cardiff Central Station, has been redesigned due to shifts in the residential marketplace and the influence of section 106 costs on the project.

Accordingly, the new proposal offers less office space compared with the agreed scheme.

The application's design and access statement, prepared by CWA, reads: "The site currently has a limited office use, and is indeed consented for a new office building but the consent has not been executed because in location terms it is secondary to other new sites  use.for this

"Employment opportunities will still be offered by the proposal because of commercial ground floor use but this will now be of a scale and type commensurate with location.

"The 2018 approval for residential use has been found wanting in financial validity because of high Section 106 costs imposed by the council at approval stage.

"Here the new proposals seek to 'soak up' such contributions by increasing coverage and re-calibrating mix, sizes and numbers."

Cardiff Council will decide on the proposal in due course.

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