14th September 2017

Site Scoop – This Week’s Top Construction Industry News

1. Stonehenge tunnel go-ahead in £1.6bn A303 Upgrade

"This major investment in the South-West will provide a huge boost for the region."

The government has backed plans for the construction of a tunnel 50 meters from Stonehenge. This is part of the £1.65bn A303 upgrade, which will support 120,000 new jobs and 100,000 new homes. This is great news for construction workers in the South-West!

2. Demolition Degree Launched at University of Wolverhampton

“There’s a huge skills gap in demolition on all levels and it’s a personal challenge of mine to start to plug that gap.”

The University of Wolverhampton has launched the UK's first ever degree in demolition management. The course will be delivered by both academics and demolition experts. Students will learn various topics such as asbestos removal, health and safety, facade retention and working with explosives. This will be a huge step forward for the construction industry!


3. House Builders More Worried About Lack Of Land Than Labour Shortages

"Only one in 10 small house-builders expect the end of free movement for EU workers to have a major impact on their ability to build more homes"

Labour shortages aren't expected to be as much of an issue compared with the lack of land, according to the FMB's house-builders survey. 62% of respondents saw lack of land as a barrier, compared with 42% citing labour shortages as an issue.

4. Galliford Try Avoids Large Infastructure

"We want to be leaders in regeneration and partnerships, building affordable housing."

Galliford Try have said that they will no longer bid on large infrastructure contracts.  Despite this, they are making good progress on increasing their profits by 60% by 2020.

5. Offshore Wind Power Cheaper Than Nuclear Power For The First Time

"Thousands of new jobs in British businesses will be created by the projects announced today."

The increased amount of competition in wind farming has significantly reduced the costs for wind power. Costs for offshore wind are now 50% lower than the first auction held in 2015.


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