Jack Spencer

Regional Branch Manager

Jack, the Regional Branch Manager of our Gloucester office, possesses exceptional qualifications and skills that make him a valuable asset to our team. With a wealth of experience in recruitment and extensive knowledge of the construction industry, Jack brings a unique perspective to his role. His expertise enables him to grasp the specific requirements of his clients and effectively meet their needs.

Having a background as a former professional rugby player adds an extra dimension to Jack’s abilities. The experience of being part of a team sport instilled in him a strong team ethic, which he seamlessly integrates into his managerial approach. Jack understands the significance of collaboration, cooperation, and fostering a supportive office environment. His commitment to building a cohesive team allows him to create a positive and productive atmosphere that benefits both employees and clients.

In addition to his professional capabilities, Jack’s experience in the construction industry contributes to his understanding of the challenges and intricacies of the field. His in-depth knowledge helps him navigate the unique demands of the industry and provide valuable insights to his clients. By leveraging his expertise, Jack can offer informed advice and solutions that align with the specific requirements of construction-related recruitment.