Leanne Wakeham

Senior Business Support Administrator

Leanne, a valued member of our team, brings a wealth of administrative experience to her role at Sphere. Prior to joining us in mid-2016, she worked as an administrator for the Welsh Local Government Association. After a five-year career break, Leanne decided to re-enter the workforce, and her journey with Sphere began.

Leanne initially joined our team as a Receptionist in our Head Office, showcasing her dedication and commitment to her role from the start. Through her hard work and determination, she quickly progressed within the company, now holding the position of Senior Business Support Administrator. Leanne’s journey is a testament to her professional growth and the trust she has earned within the organisation.

As a Senior Business Support Administrator, Leanne plays a vital role in maintaining our internal compliance processes. She ensures that all vetting procedures and protocols are followed diligently, guaranteeing that our operations adhere to the highest standards of compliance and regulatory requirements. Leanne’s attention to detail and meticulous approach ensure the smooth functioning of our support services.

Leanne’s exceptional contributions have been recognised and celebrated within our organisation. She has received the prestigious Spirit of Sphere and Support Services Awards for two consecutive years. These accolades reflect her “can do” attitude, her unwavering willingness to assist colleagues, and her unwavering commitment to performing her duties at the highest level of excellence.

Beyond her professional achievements, Leanne embodies the values of Sphere, consistently demonstrating her dedication, teamwork, and a positive outlook. Her natural ability to go above and beyond in providing support has made her an indispensable member of both the Support Team and the entire Sphere community.

Leanne’s commitment to excellence, unwavering support for her colleagues, and outstanding service make her an invaluable asset to our team. Her contributions contribute to the smooth operation and success of our organization as we continue to deliver exceptional services to our clients.