Linda Hopkins

Bookkeeper and Office Coordinator

Linda, a highly valued member of our team, plays a crucial role in our finance and executive support functions. Working closely with the Finance Director, Linda is responsible for processing all Accounts Payable, ensuring accurate and timely payments to our suppliers. Her attention to detail and organisational skills are instrumental in maintaining our financial operations.

In addition to her finance responsibilities, Linda provides executive support to the Directors of the company. With her extensive experience and knowledge, she assists in various administrative tasks, helping to streamline operations and contribute to the smooth functioning of Sphere.

Since joining our company in 2006, Linda has proven herself to be an invaluable asset. Her loyalty and commitment to the business are evident in her dedication to her work and the exceptional results she consistently delivers. Linda’s years of experience within the company have made her a go-to resource for her colleagues, as she possesses deep institutional knowledge and insights.

Furthermore, Linda showcases her exceptional organisational skills as the key events organiser for Sphere. With her meticulous planning and attention to detail, she ensures that company events run smoothly and successfully. Her ability to coordinate logistics, manage schedules, and create memorable experiences for our team is commendable.

Linda’s unwavering dedication, reliability, and expertise make her an integral part of our team. Her contributions in finance, executive support, and event organisation have a significant impact on our overall operations and success. We are fortunate to have Linda as a valued member of our team, and her commitment to excellence is truly appreciated by all.