Oliver Knight

Trainee Resourcer

Ollie, one of our newest additions to the team, brings a solid background in customer service and telesales to his role. While this is a new endeavour for Ollie, he is fortunate to have the guidance and mentorship of the experienced Ryan Hill, who will be supporting him in his journey.

Ollie’s previous experience in customer service and telesales equips him with strong communication skills and a keen understanding of client needs and expectations. With his enthusiasm and determination, Ollie is eager to apply his skills to the recruitment field and make a positive impact in the Electrical and Mechanical sectors.

Under the mentorship of Ryan Hill, Ollie will have the opportunity to learn from an experienced professional and gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the industry. Ryan’s guidance will enable Ollie to navigate the challenges of recruitment and develop a deep understanding of the Electrical and Mechanical roles he will be working with.

With his dedication to providing exceptional service and his eagerness to learn and grow, Ollie is poised to make a meaningful contribution to our team. Clients and candidates can rely on his commitment to understanding their needs and delivering personalised solutions.