Robyn Marshall

Social Value Manager

Robyn is a passionate and experienced professional in the construction industry. With five years of experience at a major construction business and as a CITB Construction Ambassador, she is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the sector.

Robyn’s primary goal as a Social Value Manager is to address skills shortages and secure the future of the construction workforce. She aims to achieve this by encouraging more women, young people, and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to consider careers in construction.

During her time at the major construction business, Robyn actively engaged with schools, colleges, and local communities as a CITB Construction Ambassador. Her objective was to raise awareness about the diverse career opportunities available in the industry. By showcasing role models and success stories, Robyn aimed to inspire individuals who may not have previously considered a construction career.

Robyn’s commitment to promoting diversity goes beyond awareness-raising. She collaborates with industry partners, training providers, and community organisations to create tangible opportunities for underrepresented groups. Through targeted initiatives, mentorship programs, and apprenticeship schemes, Robyn aims to bridge the gap between potential candidates and the construction industry.

Robyn’s deep understanding of social value and her ability to navigate the construction industry make her an invaluable asset to the team. Her innovative thinking and genuine passion for inclusivity drive her to identify and maximize opportunities for positive social impact within the sector.

With her dedication to promoting diversity, supporting underrepresented groups, and addressing skills shortages, Robyn plays a crucial role in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future for the construction industry.