Elevate Your Social Value Initiatives with Sphere Solutions

Are you ready to enhance your social value impact? 🌟

At Sphere Solutions, we are dedicated to helping our clients not just meet but exceed their social value goals. Our comprehensive services are tailored to create lasting community impact and address critical social issues. From supporting ex-offender rehabilitation and veteran employment to engaging with local schools and delivering impactful STEM programs, we cover all aspects of social value.

Our Tailored Services

Supporting Ex-Offender Rehabilitation

We believe in second chances and work diligently to help ex-offenders reintegrate into society through meaningful employment opportunities. Our programs focus on skill development and job readiness, ensuring a smoother transition for these individuals.

Veteran Employment

Our commitment to veterans is unwavering. We provide specialised support to help veterans find employment and adapt to civilian life. Our initiatives include career counselling, training programs, and job placement services.

Engaging with Local Schools

Education is the foundation of a strong community. We actively engage with local schools to inspire the next generation about careers in construction and STEM fields. Our programs include career talks, workshops, and site visits to give students a real-world perspective.

Comprehensive STEM Programs

Promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education is crucial for future innovation. Our STEM programs are designed to ignite interest and provide hands-on learning experiences for students, preparing them for future careers in these fields.

Why Partner with Sphere Solutions?

By partnering with Sphere Solutions, you can leverage our expertise to achieve your social value KPIs. We align our efforts with the Social Value Act requirements, ensuring that your initiatives not only meet regulatory standards, but also make a significant impact on the community.

Join us in creating a sustainable and inclusive future. Discover how our tailored services can help you achieve your social value goals and contribute to the greater good.

Learn more about our services and how we can support your social value initiatives: Social Value Brochure

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