Job focus of the week – BID Manager

As a construction BID Manager, the role would entail overseeing the preparation and submission of bids for construction projects. This would involve working closely with the sales team to understand the client’s needs and requirements and developing a proposal that meets their needs. The following are some of the key responsibilities:

Market research: Conducting market research to stay updated on industry trends and competitors.

Preparation of bid documents: Developing a comprehensive proposal that meets the client’s requirements, including cost estimates, schedules, and risk assessments.

Bid strategy: Developing a bid strategy that maximizes the chances of success and includes risk management, pricing, and presentation techniques.

Collaboration: Collaborating with different departments, including design, procurement, and operations, to ensure the bid is accurate and comprehensive.

Negotiations: Negotiating with clients and suppliers to secure the best deal for the company.

Bid management: Managing the bid process from start to finish, including coordinating with external consultants and stakeholders.

Continuous improvement: Constantly seeking ways to improve the bidding process and ensuring that the company remains competitive in the market.

In conclusion, the Construction BID Manager plays a critical role in ensuring that the company is able to secure projects and maintain its competitiveness in the market.

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