Robyn’s Social Value Soiree: Brewing Success, Sparking Smiles

Robyn’s Social Value Soiree: Brewing Success, Sparking Smiles

Hey, fabulous folks! Robyn Marshall here, your Social Value maestro from the Cardiff office. I’m bursting with excitement to share the downright fantastic rollercoaster we’ve been on lately. Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into the cheery world of our recent Social Value escapades at Sphere Solutions.

Eggbuckland High School – Mock Interviews (Part 1 & 2):
Imagine this: Eggbuckland High School transformed into a bustling hive of possibilities! We didn’t just stop at one round of mock interviews; we went for two – seasoned with insights, a splash of humor, and a hint of friendly banter. Guiding these future stars to shine has been an absolute riot – I might’ve even picked up a trick or two from these budding interview pros!

MacMillan Coffee Morning – Cardiff Office:
Picture this – an office decked out in coffee beans, cakes galore, and a whole lot of camaraderie. Our MacMillan Coffee Morning was not just a caffeine-fueled success; it was a heartwarming affair of sweet treats, chats about life, and raising funds for a cause that’s not just close to our hearts but now filled with the warmth of shared moments. Because who says making a difference can’t be as sweet as a perfectly baked cake?

BPART Workshop – Mental Health Awareness:
In a world that often feels like a whirlwind, we decided to hit pause for a moment. The BPART workshop was more than just about mental health awareness; it was like a cozy blanket of understanding and care. Because, let’s be real, we all need a mental health pit stop every now and then! It’s like a little island of peace in the bustling sea of life.

STAR Hub Tremorfa – Strawbees and Tetrahedron Workshop:
Have you ever witnessed Strawbees and Tetrahedron turning a room into a carnival of creativity? Well, Tremorfa’s STAR Hub did! We transformed learning into a vibrant fiesta, where we crafted, built, laughed, and maybe even sparked a few “aha” moments. Who said workshops can’t be both educational and a hoot? Learning should always come with a side of laughter!

Grangetown Hub – Strawbees and Tetrahedron Workshop:
And just when you thought the party was winding down, we rolled into the Grangetown Hub for another round of Strawbees and Tetrahedron enchantment. Because, let’s face it, a little creativity goes a long way in brightening everyone’s day, and we’re all about turning every workshop into a memorable celebration!

In a nutshell, these adventures have been nothing short of spectacular. We’re not just making a difference; we’re creating memories, sparking smiles, and having a darn good time while we’re at it. Stay tuned for more social value shenanigans because, here at Sphere Solutions, we believe in making every moment count! Cheers to fun, laughter, and a sprinkle of magic! The best is yet to come, and we’re ready for it all!

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