“I have worked closely with Sphere in placing site managers to multiple schemes. Having worked with Sphere for 5 years now, I have found their retail consultants have ensured that he is fully up to speed with my requirements, the type of person I am looking for, and the flexible approach he needs to take in order to work with me on this workstream. They understand the need to be reactive at times to last-minute requirements for site cover and appreciates that this is part of a bigger picture. Sphere’s strength is their consultant’s proactive approach to the work, constantly looking ahead, checking on future requirements, and presenting me with good quality guys. A big shout out to Sam Cleal who tries harder than others to get my business without being overbearing. One measure of success is that I have given repeat work to a number of guys supplied by Sphere who were new to the workstream this year. We always try to keep the good guys as busy as we can and get some loyalty in return. Look forward to a more settled year next year and progressing the honest working relationship and success that we have had.”