To celebrate Women in Construction Week

In a world where construction has long been considered a male-dominated area, women are increasingly making their mark, challenging stereotypes, and reshaping the landscape of this dynamic industry. From wielding power tools to leading multimillion-pound projects, women in construction are breaking barriers and forging paths for future generations. To celebrate Women in Construction Week, we sat down with two of the trailblazing women we have supported into roles with some of our biggest clients. We discussed how women are making their mark on the industry, and what it’s like to be a woman working in construction. 


Danielle Haskings, Head of Sustainability and Social Value at MCS 

I have always been interested in construction from a young age but I had no idea how I could get into the industry. After my GCSEs, I went on to college to study A Levels and once I’d finished them, I decided to go to university to study Business. I didn’t have a plan for work and I still had no idea what kind of thing I wanted to do so business seemed the right course. After completing my degree, I had various roles whilst I was looking for the right one. In 2014, after starting a family, I went back to work part-time as a construction site administrator role where I fell in love. I progressed across various admin roles where I learnt a lot of new skills and finally, got the chance to step into the social value world where I have been for four years now leading a team as Head of Sustainability and Social Value.  

As for being a woman in the construction industry, I would be lying if I said it’s a walk in the park but it has changed dramatically over the years and there are so many more inspirational women taking the industry by storm. The industry has become more accessible with flexible working and support and with social value being a key part of construction projects. More young women and girls have access within education to meet these fantastic women and understand how they too can get into the construction world – if you can’t see it, you can’t be it! 

I have worked with Sphere in many ways – from collaborating with them at employment events to inviting them along to community events and they have always been so keen to support. I was lucky enough to have been able to work with Sphere in my own job hunt as well where I was placed in my current role with MCS. The whole team are committed to doing the best for their candidates and their communities and are a pleasure to work with. 


Ceri Jardine – Business Development Manager at Kier 

Making the move into the construction industry has given me a new focus, made me so much happier and given me a new sense of pride in my role. I was attracted to the business development aspect of the industry, I was already doing some business development and winning work within my previous role. I had a skillset that was transferable, I wanted to try something new and to set an example of being happy in my work for my children. It has been a massive learning curve for me, particularly with joining during the pandemic and learning about a completely new industry throughout lockdown. 

I would say that women bring a passion into the industry, I think women can bring excitement and a different understanding to a client’s visions. 

Every role within the industry can be for anyone, we have both male and female site managers and one of our female site managers has recently won lots of awards. Construction isn’t about boots and hard hats any more, it’s such a diverse industry. I can see roles that would suit my kids. 

I think the way we bring in more women, or a younger generation to the industry is to provide more education around the roles and opportunities that are available at GCSE age. Teachers need to move away from the idea that construction is just for the naughty boys who don’t do so well at school. 

I would tell young women considering a career in construction to embrace all of the opportunities that lie ahead as we are crying out for more women. I’d recommend never being afraid to try something new, if I can learn a whole new industry, then those just starting their careers, with all of their energy, can fly. Every day in my role is different, and the pride and satisfaction of seeing a project completed that you’ve worked on is unlike anything else.  

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