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A case study by Sphere Solutions Ltd

Yuliya, a Ukrainian national, had to flee Ukraine with her son in May of last year due to political unrest in the country. Upon arriving in Wales, they were housed with a sponsor family outside of Cardiff. After spending time with the sponsor family, they eventually secured their own accommodation in Cardiff and Yuliya started working in temporary roles in various restaurants. She has a construction admin background and speaks excellent English with a full driving license.

Yuliya faced several challenges while trying to establish herself in Wales. She was new to the country, had limited knowledge of the job market and was trying to navigate a new culture while providing for herself and her son. Despite her skills and experience, she was finding it challenging to find a suitable job.

Yuliya initially tried the job centres for job roles and advice but was referred to Sphere Solutions, a recruitment agency. She was then placed with one of Sphere Solutions’ clients as an assistant design coordinator by recruitment consultant Connor Brown.

Yuliya was thrilled with her new job role and was grateful for the assistance she received from Connor Brown throughout the process. She praised his support, explaining how he was constantly in touch with her, provided her with relevant information, and explained the process. Yuliya is now settled in her new role and is enjoying the challenges it brings.

Yuliya’s story highlights the challenges faced by individuals who come to a new country seeking refuge. However, with the right support, they can overcome these challenges and establish themselves in their new surroundings. Sphere Solutions provided Yuliya with the assistance she needed to secure a job, while Connor Brown’s constant support helped her navigate the unfamiliar job market. With her construction admin background, Yuliya is now in a suitable job role, utilising her skills and contributing to society.

Sphere are very happy to have helped Yuliya in her search for a new role. She has a fantastic approach to life, given the situation she has found herself in and we would like to wish her all the best for the future.

Quote from James Hughes (Managing director)

“Having heard Yuliya’s story and knowing that in some small way we’ve been able to hep is humbling…we wish Yuliya every success in her new role and all the very best for her future”

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